Monday, August 08, 2005

She-Lemm Sheehan Hounds Chief Sitting Bush

Oh the audacity.

Our great Chief, Sitting Bush has retired to the Cave of the Cowardly Craw after a hard hard session with Congress. He has expended so much for the Energy Will-i-am. He has secured a sound future for our sound minds, for the Prosperity of the Labyrinth.

And now this lowly She-Lemm ,
This Cindy Sheehan
Dares to Hound our Provider of Peace, Prosperity and Protection
What is Lemm World coming to?

She-Lemm Sheehan dares to question the unfailing wisdom of the higher father and of our given son, the Great Chief Sitting Bush
She asks, Why is my JuneYear Lemmling over the Ledge before his time?

Oh the audacity.
Ours is not to question why.
Ours to obey and dive.

A She-Lemm should know her place in a Flintstem Fraternity !!

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