Monday, August 08, 2005

Cindy Sheehan, A Sleeping Cinderella --or-- Beauty in the Ditch?

The Lord Provider,
Upon hearing of the squaw squawking outside his
Cave of the Cowardly Craw
Did issue this edict:

"Ditch the B____ ,, the beauty"

"What have I started?, What have I started?" stammered sweet Cindy.

Her Fairy God-mother appeared.

"Listen Dear,
Listen real carefully
Listen to the Sound and the Fury

As a "She"-han, You come in the Name of the Mother,
As a greiver, You come in the shadow of the Fallen Son.
Do you not hear what you have started?

The sound of a thousand she-lem paws now pound in resonance
against the Foundations of the Fraternity of the Fried Flintstems

Not since Terri She-my-Doe has the resonance rocked the roof of the Labyrinth. But that my deer is a fairy tale for another day.

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