Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cindy-She-Who Cares?

Lemming World is Deeply - Divided.

Half of us want to work on irradicating the Human Infestation.

The other Half believe in Intelligently Designed Communication and Re-Capitation.

The Human Creatures are Tipping Over Planet Earth.

We Lemmings have to save ourselves.

The Compassionateless Half of us say: Unleash the Bird Flu, use the nuke 'em option.

The Liberalist Half say: No, let us try to communicate with "Them"

Let us help them put their heads back on.

Let us "re-capitate" their de-captitated bodies.

Here at the Lemming Institute, we work on that problem.

How do you make the Human Creatures sit up and listen?

Two recent events give us clues.

(1) The Terri She-My-Doe incident, and

(2) The Cindy of Crawford She Hen incident.

The Humans went crazy when those alarm noises were sounded. Something resonated in their cranial echo chambers.
It is part of their "sound" logic systems.
If we can activate these logic systems, we might succeed in reactivating a "thinking" process within the Humans. If they "think" ... then:
They may realize they are cooking the Planet.
They may realize they are depleting vital resources.
Let us study the details ... {in next lecture}

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