Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Lemming Institute Observation

A note from the Lemming Institute of Geo-rooted Higher Thinking (We always see the LIGHT (tm). )

It has come to our attention that you Humans laugh at us. Just because you are bigger ... You think you are smarter, better, than us.

We have been studying you. In many ways you act just like us lemmings.

You operate on "sound logic". You operate on myth and intellectual incantations. We have observed and clearly documented this phenomenon.

Take this "Cindy Sheehan" at Crawford incident which is unfolding in the Westculture part of your digs. We have experts that study your Westculture. The combined phonic patterns of "Cindy" and "Crawford" somehow trigger thoughts about "Beauty" in the convoluted heads of your westculture population.

The combined concepts of Beauty and battle trigger thoughts about "Beauty and the Beast" and "David versus Goliath" in your convoluted heads. You have been programmed to respond in this way. We have followed your programming content and found many teaching sites that teach your lemmlings to follow in the ways of the "Cindy Crawford," especially your young she-lemms. You have many teaching sites with stories from your "Bible", including stories about small and beautiful versus the big, powerful and careless.

(We little lemms have stories like your David v. Goliath in our worshipping books too.)

The decoding of the sound bites, "Cindy" and "crawford" happens in the deep underground tunnels of your gray matter. It never surfaces to the top of your consciousness. So you never see it. Instead you experience a feeling of "resonance". Something gets you excited. Something makes you feel this is an important event. Something makes makes you sense there is a "Show Down at the OK Corral" happening here. You are not clear though on why this is.

We've been studying you.

You are a strange and illogical gang of gooseheads driving your Speed Bus mindlessly towards the Ledge.

We would not mind if you go over the edge. But you are dragging us over with you. You are cooking the Planet. You are depleting all the grass lands.

We need to study you so we can save ourselves.

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