Sunday, August 07, 2005

Intelligent Design of the Labyrinth

George Jumpsoon believes in "intelligent design".

He is not quite sure what "intelligent" means,
but clearly the Labyrinth of Prosperity he lives in has an intelligent look and feel to it.
After all, lemmings are intelligent and they helped build part of the Labyrinth and therefore "intelligent design" surely lurks there. That's proof enough for George.

George suspects that "intelligent" people do not need to look up "intelligent" in the dictionary.

One day, curiosity got the better of George.

He opened the Dictionary and looked up "intelligent".

Sure enough, it said:

Intelligent: the kind of people who never look here

That proved it for George. Now he knew "he" was intelligent because he had guessed the correct meaning.


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head lem said...


Thank you.
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P.S. I'm learning too
The more I learn, the less I know
By digging deeper, I uncover more of how little I know
Such a big universe
And not too much of a lemmling's brains or claws here