Thursday, August 04, 2005

Quantum Religion-ism

(Excuse. Sometimes the Lem Head has to Levitate above the Level-headed playing field and pontificate.)

David Brooks (NY Times) is a reptilian meat head.
So am I.
He thinks he knows "it" all.
So do I.

So recently, our reptilian herd member posted something to the effect of: "Islamic neofundamentalism occupies the same militant space that was once occupied by Marxism. It draws the same sorts of recruits (educated second-generation immigrants, for example), uses some of the same symbols and vilifies some of the same enemies (imperialism and capitalism)." (NYT editorials 8/4/2005).

This is really good, red-blooded reptile think.

Unfortunately David does not grok the concept of:
"Those who seek to dismember us because
we seek to dismember their way of life ... in their way of thinking."

It's not about "ideaology" Dave.
The war without is a mirror of the war within.

In order to find peace, we have to accept a Quantum Reality form of Religion. All truths are true at once.

Here are the tenants of Quanta-Realitigism:

1. Gode is One (Islam)
2. God is Three (Christianity)
3. God is Infinity (Hinduism)
4. Peace within is peace without.

It is only when we all accept the possibility that all beliefs rise from a common truth that we can come into harmony with that truth and with ourselves.

(The Lem Head now descends down to the den of the underground denizens, back to reality, and back to more good grass grazing. Thank you.)


head lem said...

Easy it is to jump to conclusions about a blogger based on a single post.

This blog is not about religion.
I am neither a highly religous person nor a totally irreligous person.

Religion plays such a volatile and dangerous role in our world.

Religion is very much tied to the neurophysiology of the human brain.

While the brain is a whole or a ONE, it also has 3 major parts and many many smaller parts that add up to form the unity.

It is quite understandable that some people (devote Christians) find spiritual resonance in their belief of a three-part Godhead: the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit.

It could be that the Father corresponds to the reptilian, fight-or-flight part of the human brain.

It could be that the son-of-a-husbandless-mother corresponds to the limbic, family-bond/tribal-loyalty part of the human brain.

It could be that the holy spirit resides in the neocortex.

I don't know. Make up your own mind.

head lem said...

So why is it that Muslims (those who worship the Oneness and supremacy of Allah) sense threat from Christians (those who allow for dismemberment of the One and only, into a three part "Godhead")?

Why is it that Muslims sense an even greater threat from Hindus (those who allow for dismemberment of the One and only, into an infinite number of diffusely distributed particles)?

It is because each of these alternate religions threatens the continuance and cohesiveness of the Islamic concept of God.

If Allah is one and supreme, how could it be that these Hindi disbeleivers are beating us in the computer technologies marketplace. How could it be that the aetheistic Chinese are beating us (and everyone else) in the marketplace?

There must be some ONE to blame. There must be ONE cause, ONE reason. Ah yes, those f**kin _____

Fill in the blank.
Did you start your answer with a "J"?

Was the rest of it "esus lovers"? Why not? It is one of their ONE and only one truths about the world. After all, "esus lovers" are nonbelievers of Allah just as are all other religions.

Hindus are the least prone to violence and rage because under their calculus, all other religions (except perhaps aetheism) fit within the model. There is no direct threat to the Hindu way of life frome any of the other beliefs.

So now we look at the real world and see who is warring with whom.

Is it more understandable now why the Muslims get so enraged when a member of the Christian dismemberment squad (one who breaks the Holy Allah into 3 parts) enters their holy lands and starts mentioning dismemberment of their whole way of life?

What is the proper response to one who threatens to dismember your whole way of life?

Is it not an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth?

Are we starting to see some strange possibility now? Nah...

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at imprinted civilization:

Anonymous said...

Londener says its our own fault
Brought it on ourselves

>Responsibility We Share