Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mr. & Mrs. Shee-smith

In this Mad Mad World,

He Who was the Bunker Buster

Becometh now, the Buster in the Bunker

The War within is the War without.

This is a political parody. Original cartoon. The Real Mr. & Mrs. Smith..

Satire aside, we at the Lemming Institute see a Deepening Divide growing inside the Westculture part of the digs as well as around the World, between East and West. One half "feels" strongly and unrelentingly that their view of the Universe is the only true one and the other half "feels" equally strongly that their's is the only correct view. We see the divide between the Male-Lemms and She-Lemms. We see the divide between the Moos-Lemms and Chris-Lemms. We see the divide between the RedStaters and BlueStaters. What is going on? Can it be that only one side is right and the other has no validity? Only a Solomon or Salman would be wise enough to understand.

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