Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hardball Men Fond Of Tag Team Femme Fighting

Lemming Institute was ringside for the Chris Matthews Heavy Weight Match last night (exclusive, only on "Hardballs") and here is how we score it: Even before the Bush Babes stepped into the ring, Cindy Norris Sheehan TKO'd Talkhead Chris with her Torrent of Tears and fancy footwork around his Matt Traps. Team mate Diddling Deedee barely hung on by the ropes. Bullhat Bohan was disqualified for illegal lack of eye contact. No sunglasses allowed in this eyeball to hard eyeball combat zone. Iraq babe scored well for good looks and cute accent. Judges later ruled that she committed out-of-burka communication and was thus not representative of "her people". Bare shouldered babes with moving mouths are not in their Constitution. Iraq Babe still gets 2nd runner up prize for remarking: "I see bad people everywhere." She's been checking in at the Craw Cave. That's it. LIVE from ringside!!! This has been a Lemming Institute sports moment.

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