Sunday, August 07, 2005

Lies Lemmama Done Told Me

" Sticks and Stones ,
Will break Lemm Bones ;
But Conservative C ompassionate words
Will never harm thee,"

my mamma always used to say.
(I'll tell you about the chuck-a-lots later.)

Now as I lay here resting,
my bloodied head upon this rock,
--I call it My-Raq by the way,
you can call it Your-Raq soon as they drag me away--

it suddenly comes into my realization,
that maybe mamma might'a been off her rockers

maybe words of warped reality are the most harmful of all things

... but who cares anymore?

just overheard the triage medic say no need to take this one to the hospital
he was pointin' at me bloodied head

Them was kind words
I like kind words
Always did

As Lemmama always said ....

---Posthumously signed, Private George Jumpsoon, JuneYear of the Army of the United Colonies of Lemmerica, 5th Battallion

P.P.S. Pvt. Jumpsoon Jy. served the Labyrnith well and will be awarded a meaningless lump of metal to comemerate all the years of hard work that Heather Heartthrob, his mother, put into raising and educating this fine Lemmling just so he can die for the glory of nationalism and tribal loyalty. Our great leader, Global Warmongering Bush-sitter (aka Sitting Bush) will present her with the lump of metal personally so that she and other Loyal Lemmings will see how compassionate he is about every Lemmling that goes over the Ledge for Love of Country and Inter-Burrow Flow of Free Fluidic Trade.

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