Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Oh the Hubris Of the Humanity

More notes from the LIGHT* underground:

(Lemming Institute of Geo-rooted Thinking)

Oh you Humanity !!

Oh your Hubris !!

In the 1930's, you humans started building a network of Zeppelins to carry yourselves haughtily about the planet. The venture ended in a fiery disaster.

Around the same time, you humans began to rely on oil extracted from the underground to carry yourselves and your food stuffs swiftly about the planet. That venture too will end in a spectacular disaster.

Many of your experts already warn you of the Petro Plunge that is coming. Yet you deny and defy all logical arguments with cliff-noted cliches.

"It's carried us this far and it will carry us further," you say.

Guess what? That's what the passengers on the Hindenburg said.

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