Thursday, August 11, 2005

He died for "Her"

Cindy Sheehan hounds the Cave of the Cowardly Craw wanting to know why her son, Casey died.

She is determined to "smoke 'em out".

Find the truth.

Sadly the truth is ....

Casey died for "Her",

and not for "Him"

It's one of those "you don't want to know" truths that Jack Nicholson would tell you about if you had the testicular fortitude to handle the truth.
But probably you don't.
We are not who we think we are.
"W" does stand for "women".

And "osaMa" stands for "men" --for a man dominated society. Casey died for "Her"


Archangel said...

The pathetic Mrs. Cindy Sheehan has now taken sides with the jihadists who killed her son. If he could come back from beyond the grave, he'd curse his mother.

Where is Mr. Patrick Sheehan? Why doesn't he assert authority over his insane wife and tell her to shut up, or just divorce her? There's no excuse for this sort of behavior. It's not surprising that she is being used by Michael Moore, who is the #1 American traitor of the present.

The war we're fighting against fundamentalist Islam isn't just over there--it's here, too, and the Legacy Media has become, by and large, a Fifth Column of traitors who neither know nor care why America is the last, best hope of mankind, striving for a peaceful and free world.

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Ray said...

Exactly. As I said in my post.

"Mothers rest your head knowing we are protecting you. We love you and will fight to the death any man willing to harm you."

It's really not a hard concept to understand.

head lem said...

The Lemm Head is surprised that actual humans have visited our burrows.

Amused also that the Humans are unable to understand the Mixed Messages we send out to them.

The same thing happens here at the digs. Some parts of the Lemming population run off towards Ledge Blue, some towards Ledge Red, but in the end they all go over. Makes no difference.